Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Once in a while it was incumbent upon Elton to simply rock out and show his listeners a good time, and this is one of those songs created for that purpose. More often as not, he chose a Baldry/Stones blues/rock sound for this, and ably aided by the Tower of Power horn section, that's what he gives us here.

Bernie piles on every filth-related metaphor he can squeeze out of his thesaurus, cuing the listener that he's a loveable, filthy rascal a la the characters in Don't Shoot Me's "Midnight Creeper" and Yellow Brick Road's "Social Disease".

I don't think this will ever be on anyone's short list of Elton classics, but it does rock out convincingly in a swaggering, bluesy way, and EJ can sing the line "burnin', vermin stink" as good as anybody out there...


Matt said...

Hi Johnny--I'm a comics fan and occasional reader of your "former" blog (which is missed), yet somehow I totally didn't know you were covering the whole "good" Elton catalogue on this blog.

I LOVE Elton John, for a lot of the reasons you cite in your introductory essay--although it was the early nineties when I was 12 or 13 and discovered him through the To Be Continued box set.

Anyway, this is great, and thanks for doing it, and you can bet I will be here every post to check it out.

Johnny B said...

Hey, Matt-

Glad to hear it!

When I started this, I did make a small post about it, but I think it was easy to overlook so...

Anyway, feel free to comment often.