Friday, September 7, 2007

This Song Has No Title

Elton plays all the instruments, including flute-like Mellotron, on this breezy rumination on the creative process. He does a very nice job on vocals, alternating falsetto and tenor with exaggerated English pronunciation ("a vahst highpowr'd rocket") and wringing some poignancy out of the lyrics, especially the last couplet:

If I was an artist who paints with his eyes
I'd study my subject and silently cry
Cry for the darkness to come down on me
For confusion to carry on turning the wheel

Of course, this stanza also would seen to cast a negative light on the whole process; I don't know if Bernie really intended this or perhaps it's just a plea to always be receptive to new experiences. Hard to say, for me anyway.

Anyway, at a shade over two minutes it's a catchy, overlooked tune that doesn't overstay its welcome or call attention to itself.

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