Friday, September 7, 2007

Where To Now, St. Peter?

Another song written from the point of view of a young man in a conflict, probably Revolutionary War (with the line "It took a sweet young foreign gun"), who has been fatally shot, and is now musing on facing death and what lies beyond.

Unlike the majority of the Tumbleweed album, this one veers into pop (possibly Hollies? Small Faces? Early Bowie, even? Remember what a music geek EJ has always been) territory rather than Band/Dylan/Country Stones- appropriate, I guess, for its otherworldly concerns. The melody plays off of John's tumbling opening piano figure, and is really one of the few uptempo tracks on the album. It's also one of the most hooky/catchy as well; I suppose only the concern at the time of flooding the market with Elton product (By the time of Connection he had seen three albums released, with the live 11-17-70 and the Friends soundtrack in the pipeline) stopped the powers that be from releasing it as a single.


thom de plume said...

Elton has often cited Joni Mitchell as an inspiration.

I think the melody of this track might be the clearest indication of her influence on Reg.

Johnny B said...

That's a good call, and I can definitely her influence that in that song.