Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Cage

Six years before Warren Zevon, here's Elton "A-hoo"-ing in between verses in this rattletrap rocker, and Bernie provides another lyric (probably inspired by the lean years not too distant) about general feelings of powerlessness and imprisonment rather than any specific event.

As congas, wah-wah guitar, soul horns, and Elton's ever-present pounding piano accompany, John spits out lines like these:

Well I walk while they talk about virtue
Just raised on my back legs and snarled
Watched you kiss your old daddy with passion
And tell dirty jokes as he died

There's an odd synth break in the middle eight; while it's completely out of kilter with the rest of the sound of the song it doesn't overstay its welcome. Not quite the best song on the album, but it does serve as a bit of a palate-cleanser for the gothic profundities of the next track "The King Must Die".


BillK said...
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BillK said...

This song is a good representation of the SUPERB job of sound engineering on this album. I have read a couple of reviews in the past that the bass sound of this album, in particular, is extraordinary and legendary in the recording industry, ESPECIALLY considering is was recorded in 1969-70!! Amazing!

Mauricio said...

I actually like the synthesizer in the middle. I'm probably the only one