Sunday, November 18, 2007

Metapost III

So...I won the eBay auction and got my copy of the 2-disc set of Elton's Rare Masters!


The copy arrived Friday, and while the case and discs were in good shape, there was no booklet inside. Of course, there was no mention of this being missing in the auction description- if I had known, I wouldn't have bid on it. The seller, when I sent him an email, said that there wasn't one. Wishing to take the high road, I didn't call him names for not mentioning it in said description, but this still leaves me with no book.

I really wanted it to use for reference when writing the songs on those CDs. I'm wondering- do any of you out there reading this own it (well, I know one person), and would you be able to scan/create a PDF, or copy it, and email or snail mail it to me?

If you snail mail it, I could reimburse your postage.

If nobody can, well, I'll soldier on. But let this be a lesson to you, children, about buying from people on eBay. This is the second time I've been burned buying second hand CDs there.

Oh, and while I'm being all Meta (and I wish I could think of a better name for these posts), may I draw your attention to the box on the right side of the page- if for whatever reason you read something I've written, and get curious about it and think you might want to purchase it, you can click through using the box and buy it, and I'll get a little credit from Amazon! And maybe even buy my OWN, BRAND NEW copy of Rare Masters! Give a little Elton for the holidays, wot say?


Matt said...

Man, Johnny--like I said, I wish I hadn't sold my copy to a used CD store a couple months back--I'd just mail it to ya.

brendan said...

Hope this isn't too off topic, since you are on the subject of rare Elton: not too long ago I stumbled on some early EJ demos (including his Nick Drake covers!) here.

Johnny B said...

Matt: C'est la vie. Thanks anyway!

Brendan: I saw that a while back- I've been visiting quite a few sites like that lately. I was just thinking the other day I should probably check those tracks out- I mean, Elton singing Nick Drake and John Martyn!

I'm trying not to overdo taking advantage of those sites, if you know what I mean, so that's one reason why I haven't already...

Chris said...

Ahoy there Johnny B...really enjoying this blog, and wanted to let you know that I have the Rare Masters box set, with the booklet intact.

If you still need a copy, I'd be happy to make you one...I must say there are one or two pages where they typeset black type over photographs and it's a bit hard to read even in the original. These pages won't lend themselves well to photocopying, though I could try and get them scanned for a PDF.

Email is b0rk3d right now, so you'll have to reply through comment posts.

Johnny B said...

Chris, if you could scan them and create a PDF, that would be wonderful. That way, you wouldn't have to spend money to get it to me.

Email it to davidallenjones AT gmail DOT com .

Chris said...

Hey Johnny B...alright, give me some time to get it together and I'll send you a PDF of it.