Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Come Down in Time

The singer sits alone on a Summer night, and frets about whether or not he's been stood up by a lady who invited him for a rendezvous. Simple song.

But what makes this track exceptional is the accompaniment, featuring oboe by Karl Jenkins, harp by Skaila Kanga, and the ubiquitous strings of Paul Buckmaster, along with upright bass and acoustic guitar, giving it an almost Pentanglish sound and evoking the mood beautifully.

It's a quiet jewel in the Elton John canon.


Roger Green said...

also great vocal, esp. esp. in the 2nd chorus

Johnny B said...

Yeah, most definitely.

Rick Aiello said...

One of my all-time Elton favorites. This song gives me goosebumps even today - 20+ years after I heard it the very first time. (I was a late bloomer to Elton's music).