Friday, August 17, 2007


I intended to wait a while to get to this one, but I thought it was appropriate on the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. Apparently another person thought so, too- here's a video he put together juxtaposing this track with clips of the King, both old and young...and it works surprisingly well.

As is to be expected from the mostly downbeat and glum Blue Moves, the mood of this track is resigned and downcast, and the accompaniment is muted jazz piano, brushed drums and the Brecker Brothers horn section, augmented by David Sanborn on sax. The singer is reflecting on the rise and fall of a pop star, and it's really not about Elvis specifically, but any performer who has hit the heights and experienced the inevitable downfall...and that would have to include one Reg Dwight, an irony which I'm sure didn't escape anyone involved.

John rises to the occasion, really giving us a stellar vocal performance, especially on the second time repeat of the bridge, that begins "Cause the Fifties shifted out of gear...". The horns swell and hit sharp, attacking notes as he sings, blending with Elton's suddenly impassioned "Oh, he's not the same no more...", and it's one of the best moments on the entire double LP.

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