Saturday, August 4, 2007

Crazy Water

A song dealing with feelings of separation and embattlement, using deep sea fishing (of all things) as a metaphor for a musician's touring and recording lifestyle. John and Taupin were feeling a bit frayed around the edges by 1976, and it shows on not only this cut, but the entire Blue Moves album.

Despite the downbeat slant of the words, though, this one's hopped-up Philly Soul/Disco all the way, stuffed with massed strings (Paul Buckmaster returned for a few cuts on this LP) group choirs (including Toni Tennille and Bruce Johnston) and the everpresent hi-hat, courtesy of Roger Pope, who probably would never have dreamed that John's music would end up like this back in the Tumbleweed Connection days. Its breakneck pace isn't really conducive to dancing, and the melody isn't a strong one.

All in all, one of EJ's more forgettable tracks from this period, despite all the money spent and production excess.

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