Monday, August 20, 2007

Meta post

No, that's not an Elton song, but I just wanted to address something before I go any further.

Several people have asked me in the comments about certain tracks that don't appear on the proper albums; B-sides and such that may or may not have been included on the CD reissues of the late '90s, and were definitely included on the 2-CD collection Rare Masters. At first I was just going to omit these, because in most cases I just don't own them (see breakdown below)...but I see where most, if not all, of these are available via iTunes, and I'm thinking that there's no reason why I couldn't purchase these tracks upon occasion so I can include them here at some point...and also because, well, I'd like to hear 'em! And for that matter, I haven't ruled out picking up Rare Masters, if I can get it at a good price on eBay or somewhere like that.

So take heart, Friends soundtrack fans, "Can I Put You On" may be coming soon!

My 1969-1978 Elton collection:

Empty Sky (vinyl)
Elton John (vinyl)
11-17-70 (vinyl)
Tumbleweed Connection (vinyl and original release CD, no bonus tracks)
Madman Across the Water (vinyl)
Honky Chateau (vinyl)
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player (vinyl)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (vinyl, remastered CD)
Caribou (vinyl, remastered CD)
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (remastered CD)
Rock of the Westies (vinyl)
Blue Moves (vinyl, CD)

the Ego single I have on .mp3.

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